Estimating Benefits and Costs of Stormwater Management, Part 1: Methods and Challenges | EFC at Sacramento State, 2019

This resource provides information on methods and approaches to analyze benefits and costs of stormwater management practices.

Urban Stormwater Management in the United States | National Research Defense Council, 2008

This resource aims to understand the connection between stormwater pollutant discharges and water quality to assess current management practices.

The Growing Threat of Urban Flooding: A National Challenge | Texas A&M University, 2018

This resource provides information on the effects of floods across the United States.

State and Local Climate Change Adaptation Plans | Georgetown University,

To prepare for climate change, states and communities have begun planning processes that typically result in the development of an adaptation plan.

Methods for Mapping Stormwater Infrastructure | AppGeo, 2018

Stormwater infrastructure mapping is often required for MS4 compliance and can provide useful data and insight to be used for other planning purposes.

Identify Your Community’s Stormwater Situation | New Jersey Future

The first thing to consider when establishing a stormwater utility is to acknowledge what you envision for your community now and in the future.

The Water Center at Penn and WaterNow Alliance Flood and Stormwater Management Guide

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