Stakeholder Engagement Plan

It is crucial to recognize that components of stakeholder and community engagement are relevant at every stage of the planning and implementation for your project. Successful and well-run projects that are outlined in this guide have incorporated stakeholder and community engagement in different ways through their projects. There is much to be learned from these examples while tailoring a stakeholder engagement plan according to specific local needs and conditions.

Some key things to keep in mind:

  • the correct identification of stakeholders and affected parties with regard to any infrastructure project
  • developing a coherent and well thought out communications plan which takes into account room for disagreement and differences of opinion and means to incorporate these differences within the final plan

Community meetings

  • Hold in person, community meetings to identify the most effective way(s) to sustainably disseminate information and actively engage the community 
  • Identify methods of communication (online/paper)
  • Identify community goals and values
  • Engage with local community groups already working with community members on stormwater, flooding, and public health (or related) issues 



Science based information gathering, education and action

  • Inform residents of floodplain zone and associated risk
    • Identify the difference between sewer basement backups and overland flooding
  • Inform residents of polluted stormwater runoff risks
    • Identify the water quality challenges and how they impact the end user or recreator


Policy based information gathering and action


Community Engagement in the Water Sector | Cooperative Research Center for Water Sensitive Cities, 2016

This resource is an outcome-focused review of different community and stakeholder engagement approaches.

Community Resilience Benchmarks | ANCR, 2020

This resource is intended to prompt stormwater decision makers to make sure their community is resilient against flooding.

Community Buy-in for Stormwater Funding: An EPA Roundtable Discussion | US EPA, 2020

This resource describes the EPA Roundtable Series Piloted in 2017 and 2018 by the EPA Office of Research and Development.

CDBG: Community Development Block Grant Programs | HUD Exchange

Resources to assist HUD's community partners. The CARES Act and Disaster Recovery Program are two relevant programs that support water projects.

Evaluation of the Role of Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement in Stormwater Funding Decisions in New England: Lessons from Communities | US EPA, 2013

This resource is intended for MS4 communities considering various options to fund their stormwater programs.

Customer Advisory Committee | New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, 2020

This resource describes why and how the The Sewerage and Water Board Customer Advisory Commitee was created in New Orleans, LA.

Developing a Methodology for Community Engagement with an Emphasis on Stormwater Management Preferences | University of Florida, 2013

This resource provides a comprehensive analysis of stormwater management methods and approaches, design guidelines, and potential concerns.

Community Stormwater Solutions Grant | Department of Energy & Environment

The Community Stormwater Solutions Grant Program provides funding for innovative, community-oriented and –inspired projects.

Stormwater Fee Literature Review | Chagrin River Watershed Partners, 2017

This resource provides information on the formation of stormwater utilities and collection of stormwater fees in the United States.

Stormwater Utility Toolkit | American Rivers

This resource outlines the common steps that communities can follow when developing a stormwater utility and getting the community on board.

Flood Risk Templates and Other Resources | FEMA, 2019

This resource provides a variety of documents used to support the implementation of Flood Risk Projects. This is a "searchable resource."

Guidelines and Standards for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping Activities Under the Risk MAP Program | FEMA, 2020

The guidelines and standards define the implementation details of the statutory and regulatory requirements for National Flood Insurance Program map.

Tap into Resilience Toolkit | WaterNow Alliance

This toolkit addresses financial and legal questions that arise when scaling investment in decentralized stormwater management solutions.

National Flood Insurance Program Terminology Index | FEMA

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) terminology index is a list of floodplain management terms, plus regulations, policies, and guidance.

Know your Flood Risk and Take Action | FEMA, 2020

Learn how to Identify what properties are in the flood zone within your municipal boundary. Know your risk, know your role, and take action.

Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grants | FEMA

Funds available for projects that reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to property insured by the National Flood Insurance Program.

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