Comparison of Continental Hydrological Models Helps Improve Water Management | Princeton University, 2021

For the US, two enormous models have been developed that capture hydrological processes—from forecasting floods to predicting groundwater levels.

Navigator’s Checklist

Navigator's Checklist for Managing Local Flood and Stormwater Challenges

The Pillars of Water Equity | US Water Alliance, 2021

This resource is the framework section of US Water Alliance's water equity clearninghouse. Other sections include Search and Explanation of Terms.

Community Led Research Toolkit | River Network, 2021

This resources provides tools for equitable climate resilience and fostering community-led research and knowledge.

Enhanced Model Stormwater Ordinance | New Jersey Future, 2021

This resource serves as a new tool to help towns update their stormwater ordinance to increase green infrastructure and reduce flood risk.

Flood Funding Finder | American Flood Coalition, 2021

This resource serves as a free, interactive digital tool that simplifies the federal grant access process.

Community Resilience Benchmarks | ANCR, 2020

This resource is intended to prompt stormwater decision makers to make sure their community is resilient against flooding.

A Multi-Benefit Approach to Water Management | Pacific Institute, 2021

This resource explores how to develop solutions to flood and stormwater challenges through Multiple Benefits.

An Equitable Water Future: A National Briefing Paper | US Water Alliance, 2017

This resource includes two primary sections: Part One: Water Stress and Vulnerable Communities and Part Two: The Pillars of Water Equity.

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