Technical References for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping | US EPA

This resource provides list of 8 technical references essential to the success of a program, yet are not considered to be standards.

Flood Risk Templates and Other Resources | FEMA, 2019

This resource provides a variety of documents used to support the implementation of Flood Risk Projects. This is a "searchable resource."

Flood Factor | First Street Foundation

This resource serves as a tool to help residents identify their home's flood risk.

Where can I find Flood Maps? | USGS

This resource breaks down the purpose of various flood maps developed by FEMA, NOAA, and USGS.

Sources and Solutions: Stormwater | US EPA, 2019

In urbanized areas, precipitation is unable to adequately infiltrate into the ground, increasing runoff and overwhelming the sewer system.

Guidelines and Standards for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping Activities Under the Risk MAP Program | FEMA, 2020

The guidelines and standards define the implementation details of the statutory and regulatory requirements for National Flood Insurance Program map.

Impaired Waters and Stormwater | US EPA, 2019

This resource provides guidance in assessing impaired waters potentially contaminated with pollutants from stormwater sources.

Stormwater Sampling Guidance Document | US EPA, NPDES, 1992

This manual provides background for stormwater sampling, fundamentals of sampling, analytical considerations, flexibility in sampling, and safety.

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