Solving Water Challenges in Disadvantaged Communities: A Handbook to Understanding the Issues in California and Best Practices for Engagement | Water Education Foundation, 2018

This resource is intended for anyone in, or involved with, communities throughout CA to connect with agencies that can help.

San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit | California Regional Water Control Board, 2015

This resource includes cited regulatory and legal references and additional explanatory information in support of the requirements of this Permit.

Stormwater Fees: Overview of Municipal Stormwater Fee Programs | PEC, 2019

Key sections include: stormwater within your municipality, stormwater fee calculations, and development and implementation.

Federal and State Funding Programs- Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Projects | US EPA, 2017

This resource provides a list of 23 federal and state grant opportunities for stormwater and green infrastructure projects.

Summary of State Stormwater Standards (Post Construction) | US EPA, 2011

See Table 1 for Post Construction Stormwater Standards by state (pages 1-7).

The Water Center at Penn and WaterNow Alliance Flood and Stormwater Management Guide

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