Project Accelerator | WaterNow Alliance

This resource provides free assistance via hands-on support to get your water initiative off the ground.

State Revolving Fund (SRF) Resources | Southwest Environmental Finance Center

This resource provides a repository of information for each state's State Revolving Fund programs. Click on a state to navigate to its resources.

Ask an Expert Portal | WaterNow Alliance

Once an inquiry has been submitted, TiR experts respond within 5 business days either with an answer to the inquiry or to set up a call.

Stormwater Fee Literature Review | Chagrin River Watershed Partners, 2017

This resource provides information on the formation of stormwater utilities and collection of stormwater fees in the United States.

“Selling” Stormwater Authorities: Tips for Gaining Community Support | New Jersey Water Works, 2014

This resource provides 5 recommendations on how to communicate a stormwater fee to the community.

Developing a Methodology for Community Engagement with an Emphasis on Stormwater Management Preferences | University of Florida, 2013

This resource provides a comprehensive analysis of stormwater management methods and approaches, design guidelines, and potential concerns.

Stormwater Utility Toolkit | American Rivers

This resource outlines the common steps that communities can follow when developing a stormwater utility and getting the community on board.

Enacting, Implementing & Funding Stormwater Programs | NACWA, 2016

This resource is a white paper that provides legal considerations for funding municipal stormwater programs.

Stormwater Financing and Outreach | UMD EFC

This resource provides a series of stormwater and flood management case studies.

National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies | NAFSMA

This resource includes two relevant committees: Stormwater Management Committee and Flood Management Committee.

The Water Center at Penn and WaterNow Alliance Flood and Stormwater Management Guide

With support from the Kresge Foundation

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