A Guide to Flooding in Philadelphia | Philadelphia’s Citywide Flood Risk Management Task Force, 2017

This guide was designed as a tool to support property owners and residents.

Comparison of Continental Hydrological Models Helps Improve Water Management | Princeton University, 2021

For the US, two enormous models have been developed that capture hydrological processes—from forecasting floods to predicting groundwater levels.

Community Led Research Toolkit | River Network, 2021

This resources provides tools for equitable climate resilience and fostering community-led research and knowledge.
Type: Case Study

Etna Green Infrastructure Master Plan Demonstration Project | Buchart Horn, INC., 2014

This resource is an example Master to address stormwater runoff in Etna, PA.
Type: Case Study

Power Corps PHL | Americorps

PowerCorpsPHL is a cross-sector collaborative model that engages disconnected young adults and returning citizens to the environment and new careers.
Type: Case Study

Community Adaptation Program | The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, 2020

NORA expects the program to divert and detain stormwater runoff on over 200 properties with an average grant award between $10,000 and $25,000.
Type: Case Study

Green Infrastructure Strategic Action Plan | City of Atlanta, 2018

This plan provides recommended actions included within: policy, funding and planning, project implementation, partnering and outreach and analysis.
Type: Case Study

San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit | California Regional Water Control Board, 2015

This resource includes cited regulatory and legal references and additional explanatory information in support of the requirements of this Permit.
Type: Case Study

Customer Advisory Committee | New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, 2020

This resource describes why and how the The Sewerage and Water Board Customer Advisory Commitee was created in New Orleans, LA.
Type: Case Study

Stormwater Financing and Outreach | UMD EFC

This resource provides a series of stormwater and flood management case studies.
Type: Case Study

Financing Stormwater Retrofits in Philadelphia and Beyond | NRDC, 2012

This resource explores how to entice private investment in stormwater retrofit projects.
Type: Case Study

Estimating the Value of Water: A Literature Review | US EPA, 2017

This resource provides insight into ecosystem service benefits and corresponding case studies.
Type: Case Study

City of Tigard Stormwater Master Plan | 2017

The Plan addresses Tigard’s existing flooding, water quality, erosion, and maintenance issues, and provides several corresponding recommendations.
Type: Case Study

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority: A Wet Weather Case Study of Incorporating Community Interests into Effective Infrastructure Decision Makings | US EPA, 2018

See specific sections: The Problem: Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), Need for a Long-Term Control Plan, and Camden’s Sewershed Alternatives Analysis
Type: Case Study

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